How to take care of your living situation when moving to Israel

Relocation is never an easy process. Even with the most meticulous planning, things could go wrong. Trying to maintain balance between work, family and relocation arrangements is a task that is sure to cause one to miss small details.

Upon relocation, you are entitled for some truly life improving benefits. Here are some important things to know about them.


Issues to consider

Let’s start with the important steps that everyone should be considering from the get-go.

Finding the right house to live in, signing up your children for school, delivering your furniture to the right address at the right time and other fundamental arrangements should be your top priority. Fortunately, there are many international relocation services that can be of great help in dealing with those.


Housing subsidies

As a new resident, (especially for Jews) you might be entitled for some important subsidies when moving in. Rent could potentially be financed by the government for up to 95%. Those Moving from LA to Israel should be especially welcoming of these subsidies, considering the city’s expensive real estate prices.


Hebrew studies

New Olim are entitled by the government to receive free Hebrew lessons at an Ulpan. These include 500 hours of basic lessons which can get you up and running within the Israeli community.

Those who did not make Aliyah should still consider taking Hebrew lessons, since managing your daily lives using it is much more convenient.



Moving from another country always contains its fair share of tax bureaucracy which could get very tiresome. Every country has its own needs and requirements and getting familiar with them all is no picnic. Acquiring the services of specialized relocation services usually includes help with this respect.


Get help from the community

Israeli society is very welcoming towards new residents. There’s no shortage of people willing to help you with your problems during your relocation process.

It’s as easy as simply looking for groups on social media platforms and find an entire supportive community in an instant. After all, you’re not the first person to relocate. Veterans will always happily help.



As mentioned before, relocation is not an easy process. To get yourself going in a new country without any problems is a challenge. You must consider some details prior to the relocation itself. Taking care of those can significantly ease the whole ordeal.



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