4 Tips For Your Next Vacation

Childish Gambino was right you know. You can really feel it in the streets: It fells like summer. And with the hot season comes the unstoppable desire to go and travel to remote beaches and exotic countries. Before you head out, these tips will make your vacation an unforgettable, affordable and just as you imagine it. 


Explore your land

If you haven’t had the chance to explore your own country, you must seize the opportunity to do so. The hotels business in Israel went through a rough patch and recently, new investors and businessmen like Amir Dayan are changing the whole game. Africa – Israel hotels are a large group of hotels owned by dayan, and they are a sight to be seen.


Find the right hotel

Booking a bad hotel, whether it’s bad accommodation or lousy location is a slippery slope to a bad vacation. Crucial tip – check out Africa-Israel Hotels. They are a massive chain of hotels, all located at the best locations and just keep on expanding their assets. All the right hotels, in al of the right places.


Rent a car

Wherever you may fly or drive to, make sure you rent a car! It is the best tool to explore the area around your hotel or resort. Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as you think. Make sure to check with reception about rental businesses around the area. All of the hotels in Africa – Israel hotels will definitely be able to provide you with that information.


Currency exchange

Before going on any vacation abroad, make sure you have the right amount of money, but moreover – make sure you exchange your currency at the best rates possible. Again, many hotels, among them are the ones owned by Amir Dayan, will be able to point you in the right direction, and maybe even have their own exchange business.

The best way to know if the exchange is worth it, check out the daily rates published by the bank of Israel, or any other reliable source.


Few words to put in your suitcase

Summer of 2022 is going to be massive. After two hard, complicated and very busy years; the hospitality business is recovering and it needs tour help. Traveling makes us happier and smarter, and the businesses around that matter to vital and providing for their employees. Have a good one!



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